Research & Development

Research & Development

Engineering Capabilities
An experienced  skilled  development team  is  fundamental  to  insuring  that  your new project will be successful. Our  Research and Design facility staffs over 300 engineers and is dedicated the continued development of standard and custom power products to support the ongoing needs of our customers for increased power densities, higher efficiencies and reduced cost of ownership.

Project Management
Our product development team utilizes industry standard project management tools to manage product development schedules and facilitate communication with our OEM customer’s design team. All products  are fully  documented with detailed engineering specifications along with  third  party  qualification   reports  to  ensure  our  products   meet  design   requirements  and  to  insure  highest possible  quality  when  they  reach production.

Core Competencies
We know that  superior design yields superior performance at the lowest  recurring cost point. International requirements for safety, EMC, and efficiency coupled with demanding customer requirements for small size and extreme environmental performance can further complicate any design project . Depth of technology know-how, superior competence  in  circuit design and  optimization, mechanical  design, and packaging experience, PCB layout, prototype analysis  and  ISO13485 Design Validation & Verification  process all come together  at  Phasium  to  yield dramatic results for both simple and complex projects.

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