Laser Marking: A Greener and Better Solution to Vinyl Labels

Laser Marking: A Greener and Better Solution to Vinyl Labels

Laser Marking: A Greener and Better Solution to Vinyl Labels

Like most companies, Phasium (Megmeet USA) is making a significant effort to move towards greener and more efficient manufacturing processes. Often these two objectives do not harmonize. However, we found one area where they do. It is in the laser marking for labels, particularly on molded PC & PC/ABS plastic parts, instead of the use of a vinyl label.

In making the decision to support laser marking, we looked at the relative cost and appearance of a printed vinyl label versus the laser marked alternative. Both systems produce precise, small shapes that can be made with high precision. Both systems can produce virtually any design and provide complete freedom in designing markings, logos, barcodes, serial numbers, etc. Even photos can be produced without difficulty by both systems.

What Makes Laser Marking Better?

Although visually different from a printed, vinyl label, non-contact laser marking is very fast and outperforms vinyl labels with regards to resistance of abrasion, heat and chemicals. (This is especially important for traceability and quality assurance in medical applications.) There is no ink or applied material to fade with laser part marking. A wide range of contentincluding logos, codes, serial numbers and even data from ERP systemscan still be used in laser part marking. Even small details can be marked quickly and easily in difficult-to-access areas. However, the real value of laser marking is found in what is not needed to reproduce the marked data.

Eliminating Waste

Laser marking requires no inks, chemicals, pastes or sprays and it eliminates the need to purchase, handle and dispose of those items. Laser printing needs no vinyl label stock or release lining (paper roll or backing a label comes on). There is no expiration date and no waste produced as there is when a “label” is applied. During the marking process, there is no printer jamming and no label locating. Camera-assisted marking means accurate printing on the first attempt, helping to increase yields and eliminate waste.

We are excited about making the change to laser part marking for Phasium products. If you have any questions, we are happy to provide samples so you can preview the laser label marking system. We look forward to your support in implementing this new “Green” process.

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