Face-to-face Sales in an E-commerce World

Face-to-face Sales in an E-commerce World

Face-to-face Sales in an E-commerce World

Is face-to-face selling even relevant anymore? With all the electronic ways to conduct business today, why bother with old-fashion and outdated methods? Folks can just go on the Internet and buy anything. Have a question about a product or service? Just send an email or open a chat window. Want to read or give a review? Just jump on social media. With so many digital options to engage with a product, it seems like the playing field has been leveled. Who wants to deal with the stereotypical pushy-used-car-salesman type if they don’t need to?

Well, not so fast. That “level” playing field works both ways. The days of “smiling and dialing” are long over. As a salesperson, I need to do my homework. And I can use these same digital resources to do it. I can research target customers and hone in on specific solutions for them. With the data available today, I’m able to prioritize my focus to not waste a customer’s time (or mine for that matter). I would not be calling if I didn’t truly believe they could benefit by using Phasium’s products. It’s just wouldn’t be good business.

Good salespeople are also good problem solvers. We listen to our customers and offer up valuable advice and personal service. For simple items, this may not be necessary. But for complex or more technical items, nothing beats live discussion and demonstration. In my world of power supplies, we offer products from simple wall plugs up to high-power multi-output systems. There are many technical aspects to discuss, not to mention the range of features and functions offered. Questions abound, and it’s my job to not only offer the customer the best solution, but to also build their trust, loyalty and confidence. After all, I’m in the solutions business, not a pushy used-car salesman.
It’s said that human communication is over 90% non-verbal. We rely heavily on body language and facial expression to communicate our message. That is makes keeps face-to-face sales relevant. People buy from people they like; and I’m in the people business first and foremost. So, instead of staring at the computer screen for hours looking for a power supply, take my call and accept that meeting. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you learn.

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