MP600 Series

Product Details

  • Safety Approvals: Medical 60601-1
  • Cooling: Internal Variable Speed Fan Forced - Air Cooling
  • High Efficiency: Up To 90% Typical At Full Load
  • Output: 5VSDB @ 100mA
  • Input: Universal AC Input With Active PFC
  • Emissions: EN55011 / FCC Part 15J Class A
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Additional Features: Remote On/Off, Power OK & DC OK

600 Watt Medical Desktop Power Supply

Reliable and efficient low-cost single DC output 600W AC/DC converter ideal for products that run 24 hours, 7 days a week. This high-efficiency Class I power supply meets Class B EMI limits, delivering high current while meeting all the latest international safety and EMC requirements. A variable-speed fan ensures cooling with the lowest noise possible. Features include remote On/Of, Power OK, and DC OK signals.

MP600-12 12V 50.0A 120mV 5VSDB @ 100mA ±2%
MP600-19 19V  31.6A  190mV 5VSDB @ 100mA ±2%
MP600-24 24V 25.0A  240mV 5VSDB @ 100mA ±2%
MP600-28 28V 21.5A  280mV 5VSDB @ 100mA ±2%
MP600-48 48V 12.5A 480mV 5VSDB @ 100mA ±2%

Input Voltage- 90-264 VAC (Universal)

Leakage Current-<100µA @ 264VAC

Line Regulation- ±0.5%

Load Regulation- ±2%

Efficiency- 88/90 typical at 115/230 VAC, full load

Operating Temperature- 0°C ~ +40°C (Internal Fan Forced Air Flow)

Protection- Internal 10A / 250V Fuse (Line & Neutral)

Isolation- Input to Output 4000 VAC

Input to Ground 1500 VAC

Output to Ground 1500 VAC

MTBF- 300K Hours, Mil-217F at 25 °C, full load

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