MCP150 Series

Product Details

  • Safety Approvals: Medical 60601-1
  • Battery Charger Output: Lead Acid, or Lithium
  • Footprint: 5 x 3 x 1.38”
  • Construction: Class I or Class II
  • Efficiency: 90% Typical At Full Load
  • Output: 5VSDB @ 0.5A Output & Fan Output 12V 0.4A
  • Input: Universal AC Input With Active PFC
  • Emissions: EN55011 / FCC Part 15J Class B
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Additional Key Features: Remote On/Off, Power Fail, Remote Sense

150 Watt Medical Desktop Power Supply

Ideal for Integrated system that includes battery charging with additional functions. Battery charger for either Lead Acid or Lithium batteries, combined with 5Vsb and 12 Fan output provides the best of both worlds. Highly efficient, Class B emissions, available in both Class I and Class II construction. Feature-rich with Remote On/Of, Power OK, and DC OK signals.

MCP150-1212V12.5A16.7A5V 400mA12V 0.4A
MCP150-1919V7.9A 10.5A5V 400mA12V 0.4A
MCP150-2424V6.3A 8.3A5V 400mA12V 0.4A
MCP0150-2828V5.4A 7.1A5V 400mA 12V 0.4A
MCP0150-48 48V3.1A4.2A5V 400mA12V 0.4A

Input Voltage– 90-264 VAC (Universal)

Efficiency-90% typical at 115/230 VAC, full load

Leakage Current– <100µA @ 264VAC

Operating Temperature– 0°C ~ +40°C

Protection– Internal- T5A / 250V Fuse (Line & Neutral)

Line Regulation– ±0.5%

Isolation– Input to Output: 4000 VAC

Input to Ground: 1500 VAC

Output to Ground: 500 VDC

Load Regulation– ±2% For Main & 5VSDB ; ±10% For Fan

MTBF– 300K Hours, Mil-217F at 25 °C, full load

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