Our Quality Systems Start With Our People

Our Quality Systems Start With Our People

Code of Conduct Factory Audit: Our Quality Systems Start With Our People

At Megmeet our quality systems are core to our value. Our battery, charger and power supply products are used in life-saving and life-sustaining medical devices, so they must meet the highest quality standards. We take human health seriously, including the safety and well-being of our greatest asset- our employees, so our factory underwent a “Code of Conduct Facility Audit.”

Megmeet recognizes that local practices don’t always conform to the global SA8000 ethical standards and our customers internal standards’ regarding the treatment of workers. We are proactively addressing any customer concerns regarding human rights in the workplace and our factory was assessed against a list of nine standards (child labor, forced labor, health & safety, freedom of association, discrimination, etc.) to ensure fair and ethical production of goods.

This audit was conducted by an independent, accredited Nationally Recognized Test Lab (SGS) in July of 2018 and did not identify any critical issues and highlighted several good practices. If your OEM is interested in learning more about our standards and quality practices, please reach out to your regional sales manager or email us at power@phasiumpower.com

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